24 July 2013
Info-caribou #7 : Radio transmitters: A heavy burden on migrating caribou?

A 7th vignette is now available. This vignette points out the potential impact of telemetry collars on caribou between 1990 and 2000. In this study, we compared survival of caribou equipped with VHF collars to the survival of...+ learn more

26 April 2013
Two popular articles recently published

A popular article on research program of Caribou Ungava was published in the latest issue of The Point in Natural Resources. This article provides an overview of research conducted by our team in partnership with the governments...+ learn more

18 March 2013
Summary of the winter captures

From 23 February to 3 March 2013, Stéphane Rivard (MRN), Charles Jutras (MRN), Steeve Côté (U. Laval) and Alexandre Rasiulis (U. Laval) were in the field to capture caribou and wolves in the winter range of the...+ learn more

15 February 2013
Info-Caribou #6 : The adult female survival in caribou herds

The 6th vignette is now online and provides results on adult female survival in relation to population size of the Rivière-George and Rivière-aux-Feuilles herds. Alexandre Rasiulis developped a model based on demographic...+ learn more

15 February 2013
Joëlle Taillon’s doctoral thesis is now available

After many years of research and efforts, Joëlle Taillon completed her PhD project on body condition and the use of calving grounds by migratory caribou in northern Québec-Labrador. Most of her results are already published in...+ learn more

06 December 2012
Great participation at our last meeting

Each November, Caribou Ungava organizes a meeting where researchers, students and partners gather together. The last one was a great success and we want to thank all the participants for their time! + learn more

06 December 2012
Conferences …you won’t stop hearing about us!

In October, Steeve Côté, Marco Festa-Bianchet and Alexandre Rasiulis gave talks at the 14th North American Caribou Workshop in Fort St. John (BC). Alexandre also presented his results concerning survival rates at the meeting of...+ learn more

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