Info-Caribou #1 Selection of calving ground and summer habitat by migratory caribou: consequences for the body condition of females and calves. 

Info-Caribou #2 Body condition of females and calves: a size difference between herds.    

Info-Caribou #3 Tolerance responses of American dwarf birch to simulated caribou browsing and soil fertilisation.

Info-Caribou #4 Long-term monitoring of winter body condition of the Rivière-aux-Feuilles caribou herd.

Info-Caribou #5 Population genetics of Rangifer: a circumpolar approach.

Info-Caribou #6 Survival and population dynamics of the Rivière-aux-Feuilles and Rivière-George caribou herds.

Info-caribou #7 Radio transmitters: a heavy burden on migrating caribou?

Info-Caribou #8 Identification of the spring migration dates: details of the method.

Info-Caribou #9 Climate warming advances the phenological stages of American dwarf birch, an important species in the summer diet of migratory caribou.

Info-Caribou #10 Parasitism in caribou: A near circumpolar study.

Info-Caribou #11 Browsing by migratory caribou limits the effects of climate warming on the densification of American dwarf birch.

Info-Caribou #12 Vulnerability of migratory caribou to sport hunting.

Info-Caribou #13 Caribou, water, and ice – Movements of migratory caribou in the context of climate change.

Info-Caribou #14 Caribou herbivory and climate warming effects on caribou habitat.

Info-Caribou #15 Camera collars to study calf survival.





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