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Caribou Ungava is a large research program focused on the ecology of migratory caribou and their predators in the Quebec-Labrador peninsula in a context of climate change and anthropogenic disturbances. The successful completion of a first phase of research (2009-2014), lead us to undertake a second phase of work (2015-2020) which aims at quantifying the factors governing the population dynamics and space use of this large mammal. In addition, the ecology of the caribou’s main predators (grey wolf and black bear) is a new component that will be studied during this second phase. Several researchers from six universities and two governmental organisations will conduct and supervise the numerous research projects planned. The second phase will be accomplished through tight collaboration with our many private and public stakeholders who value the conservation of caribou. 




Successful fieldwork at Deception Bay

In summer 2018, we carried out 3 field trips to Deception Bay (Nunavik) as part of the research project on the consequences of shrub densification on the food resources of migratory caribou. These trips allowed us to collect multiple leaf samples throughout the growing season in order to analyze their chemical composition (nitrogen, carbon, phenols and fibre) and digestibility. We have also collected the data taken automatically by the various sensors installed in the experimental plots (temperature, humidity and local NDVI sensors). Finally, we took advantage of these stays to collaborate on...

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Predator work 2018

2018 has been quite a busy year in terms of field work on caribou predators. Our team conducted two field trips, in the spring and fall, to the calving area of the migratory caribou in Quebec and Labrador. These trips led to the capture of 33 black bears, each sampled for hair, blood and plasma that will be used to document the feeding habits of bears. We took advantage of the June work in northern Quebec to equip two black bears with camera collars. The videos recorded from June to October, will be analyzed in the coming months and will hopefully enable us to document at fine scale the...

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Louis-Edmond Hamelin prize awarded to a Caribou Ungava student

The annual symposium of the Centre for northern studies was held on the 15th and 16th february 2018, at the Université de Sherbrooke. During this event, Michaël Bonin, a doctoral student, received the Louis-Edmond Hamelin prize for the best oral presentation of the symposium. Congratulations to Michaël for his presentation about the contribution of migratory caribou to the diets of gray wolves and black bears.   (Michaël Bonin, on the left)

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